Galore “Roller” — coming November 12

At long last, the “lost” album from Toronto-based rock and roll combo Galore, “Roller,” is set to be released digitally through AutomanicArts.

First, a little clarification about what we mean by “lost.” Recording for the album began way, way back in the halcyon days of 2008 when that era’s iteration of Galore — consisting of longtime members Barry Walsh, Tim Timleck and Kevin Hilliard and joined by guitarist Stephen Krecklo (Small Sins, The Carnations, K-OS) — set out to put down tracks at friend Todor Kobakov’s flat. Various songs had been written for the band’s first full-length since 2006’s “Amplifier” on Bhurr Records (which is, for those interested, still available for streaming via Apple Music).

Fast forward a couple of years to 2010, and with the bandmates having fulfilled touring obligations with other bands for a spell, the Galore crew reconvened at the rehearsal space-turned-recording space of a rather prominent Canadian indie rock band and got to work finishing what was begun a couple of years before. The record, which was christened “Roller” in honour of the April Wine song of the same name, would be the first Galore album to feature another vocalist/songwriter besides Walsh, with bassist/vocalist Kevin Hilliard contributing several songs to the proceedings. About a year earlier, the band took part in a short-lived but much-loved series on now defunct Aux TV, “Master Tracks,” in which participating bands would record a song at Metalworks Studio in Toronto with producers Laurence Currie (Sloan, Cool Blue Halo, Gandharvas) and Moe Berg (The Pursuit of Happiness) over the span of a day.

With that song, “Getting Over It,” in the can, the band completed 10 or so more tunes ranging from the windswept Americana of Hilliard’s “Colorado” and “Cincinnati Annie” to the straight-up power pop of Walsh’s “Not the Only One” and the aforementioned “Getting Over It,” to the fist-pumping rock of “Under Your Thumb” and “Stop Believing.” With the whole process overseen by Krecklo as producer/engineer/mixer, the band played a few more shows before embarking on an unofficial, perhaps unplanned hiatus.

Fast forward to 2021, and for whatever reason, the stars have aligned just enough to allow for a digital release of the third long-player from Galore. Perhaps, when the fates allow, there will be opportunity to play these songs live. But in the meantime, the band is excited to finally share this labour of love, lust and loss with you at home.

“Roller” will be released to your favourite digital music platform via Distrokid on November 12, 2021.



  1. Stop Believing
  2. Under Your Thumb
  3. Getting Over It
  4. Cincinnati Annie
  5. Please


  1. Colorado
  2. State I’m In
  3. Not the Only One
  4. Too Many Sarahs
  5. Request Line


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