Mammoth Gardens: The Dissolving video

Following the release of the second Mammoth Gardens EP, “Remote”, we at Mammoth Gardens HQ are happy to unveil the video for its lead track, The Dissolving.

An early version of the song was first begun in 2016. Initially, the subject matter was inspired by what was then a pandemic of sorts: a rise in polarization that was happening in various countries, fuelled by the “shoot first, ask questions later” immediacy and relative anonymity of social media. But that pandemic was soon supplanted by another one — one which we are still living through. But the polarization continues, and has even intensified. It was that state of affairs that came to the fore when I started working on the song again in early 2020.

The marketing messages at the time said that we were “all in this together” but eventually we found that some of us were seemingly “in it” deeper than others. The pandemic — and responses to it from governments, medical bodies, corporations and just plain folks like you and me — seemed to drive wedges deeper between us. Some of us could stay home, have our food and groceries delivered, work remotely. Some of us didn’t have that luxury. Some of us (well, a very small percentage) saw exponential increases in wealth and privilege over the last two years. Many of us saw quite the opposite. Instead of discussing the very serious issues we were all facing, we, as a society, opted to shout at each other via whatever means were at our disposal: TV, social media, et cetera. And the shouting is only getting louder as we enter a third year of uncertainty.

The lyrics for the song came as a stream of consciousness, practically automatic writing. It’s pretty clear what is “dissolving” — a sense of compassion for each other, a feeling of unity in the face of adversity. What this song, and its video, does is pose the question: Once these things dissolve, what will take their places?

The video is beautifully directed by my friend, musical collaborator (he appears on several ‘Remote’ tracks, including this one) and director of several videos from Cool Blue Halo, another band I’m lucky to be a part of — James Parker.

For in disease, the most voluntary or most special movements, faculties etc., suffer first and most, that is in an order the exact opposite of evolution. Therefore, I call this the principle of Dissolution.” – John Hughlings Jackson (neurologist, 1835-1911)

That which came together can easily dissolve if conditions become unfavourable. That which has dissolved may come together again if circumstances are appropriate. Therefore, who is to say that there is a beginning and an end?” Lie Yakou (Daoist philosopher, 5th century BC)

Barry Walsh

January 14, 2022


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